Morocco seems a high point in a low sea

With financial catastrophe seemingly waiting around every corner, it appears as though Morocco might be one of the all around good points.

The year of 2008, so far, has not been kind to people in any mode of investing. Whether you are investing in stocks, bonds, futures or property markets, the 2008 year has likely not done you any good if you are like the average investor this year.

According to the New York branch of Reuters, 49 of the 52 major stock markets in the world have declined since the start of the year, causing many investors to lose money on their investments and causing many others to get edgy and eventually pull out of the markets.

Of course, when people pull money from the stock markets that tends to only make the problem worse and with a big part of the pull out being concentrated on property developers and financial institutions in the developed world, the property sectors in those countries have been hit with a double whammy in terms of financial loss.

With that level of bad news, there are not that many silver linings available for people to look at, but one of those silver linings is the country of Morocco. Along with Nigeria and Jordan, Morocco represents the only overall gain in the stock market so far in 2008 and the only reason that Morocco posted a strong gain in its overall stock market was because of property development companies striking it rich in the exploding property market that exists within Morocco's borders.

In fact, the average investor who has put money into the property sector of Morocco has already made back 5% on their investment in the two-thirds of a month that has passed since the New Year started.

The expansion of Morocco's property market is currently expected to continue at a torrid pace and that expansion is expected to continue to drive gains in the stock market for a long time to come. This might serve to make Morocco one of the few bright lights in what is otherwise a global economic downturn that is expected to touch almost every country in the world in some way, shape or form in 2008.