South Africa hailed as positive mid term investment potential

New research reveals that South Africa is emerging as a good bet for property investors looking to see returns in the medium term.

Political stability, growing tourism, a steady economy and a government committed to encouraging foreign investment is behind the optimism.

'South Africa is coming of age. The last 10 years have played a major part in shaping its future and now South Africa is in a strong position to become a major player in the international arena. South Africa is the 'next big thing' in terms of investment,' says Lloyd Cornwall, Director of Pin High Property.

'With huge natural resources an ever growing economy and stock markets performing well, it is becoming more attractive to investors each day. The property market has been one of the biggest performers and despite these huge growths over the last decade, South Africa is still vastly under priced, therefore over the next decade we expect to see these prices come into line with the European markets, which means healthy profits for all who have invested into the property market,' he adds.

South Africa is benefiting positively from advanced publicity surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2009 Lions Tours. But one area for improvement is poor airline access and the cost of air travel.

'Once South Africa was named as host for the 2010 football World Cup, not only was this a massive vote of confidence from the International community but it confirmed that South Africa can be a leading overseas destination and progress towards the infrastructural requirements of hosting such a huge event have already begun,' continues Cornwall.

'Property here is still considerably undervalued and this continued investment in the lead up to the world cup is buoying the market once again. This is a market for short and long term investors and both can expect to see tremendous results. Getting into bricks and mortar before the World Cup would be my advice, as this mega event is a dynamic force that has the ability to transform this already burgeoning market, taking it to new levels.'