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Tangier property prices boosted by huge infrastructure investment

New five star hotels along the bay, a modern business district, a new airport terminal and a new football stadium are under construction thanks to the city being one of Morocco's six locations identified by the government for major investment under its tourism plan.

Other changes include updating its transport network, including 600 miles of new roads, and further investment in the new Tanger-Med port.

'This is excellent for this part of Morocco. Tangier has always had an air of mystery going back to its reputation as a spy haven during the Cold War. Now it is moving towards becoming a modern 21st century city with a modern port, transport links and a thriving business centre,' said James Darlington who works for an agent in Tangier.

'An increase in visitor numbers will lead to a greater demand for rental accommodation in prime locations which in turn is certain to trigger a surge in property values,' he added.

If the proposed tunnel between nearby Punta Malabata to Punta Palomas, 40 km west of Gibraltar goes ahead then property prices in Tangier will go up as it will be possible to commute from Spain to North Africa.

'It is terribly exciting. Linking Spain and North Africa will put Morocco firmly on the European map. It will have a huge impact in terms of tourism and business. Morocco will become more than just a tourist destination and for property investors that takes it onto a different level,' said George Cary of Luxury Living in Morocco.