Indian market continues to attract foreign investment

With an exploding economy and high foreign interest, it appears as if the Indian property market is doing just fine.

The Indian property market appears to be continuing its sharp upward movement and the successes of two of the property developers in the country are perhaps the best examples of just how viable the property market in India is.

Firstly, there is Golden Gate Properties Limited. They are a real estate developer involved in numerous projects, but their primary interest lies with residential complexes. They have been so successful over the last little while that foreign investment into the company has skyrocketed, particularly from the Deutsche Bank. That bank has given them $70 million worth of investments and that in turn has allowed the developer to expand their operations and improve their bottom line a great deal.

India is considered one of the most attractive emerging property markets in the world by most analysts, and the fact that many foreign investments are literally pouring into the country's markets only goes to illustrate that fact further.

Emaar Properties (based in Dubai), one of the most famous property developers in the world, has decided to put together a public offering in India and they expect that just from that offering alone they are going to be able to raise almost $2 billion.

In addition to the typical build and sell mode that many of the real estate developers operate in, there is also proof that collaboration to build bigger and better projects also provides healthy returns in the Indian property market.

This is what the Hindustan Construction Company and Thapar Group found out in their most recent construction project, the Lavasa Hill Station. After investing 10 billion rupees into the initial construction of this high-end structure and ambitious project, they recently released a joint press release that said they were expecting returns of approximately 1.47 trillion rupees from the project over the next decade.

All in all, it looks like the Indian property market is continuing its march forward and that should certainly have the effect of attracting the attentions of even more foreign interest and capital in the near future.