Indonesia plans to draw more visitors

Indonesia is preparing to bolster its tourism industry and so far January's increased number of visitors is a good sign.

According to a government official in Indonesia, the country's tourism industry peaked in January of 2008. Compared to just a year ago, the number of visitors to the Asian country was up 13% from 386,453 in January 2007 to 437,617 in 2008. January's numbers where actually smaller then the number of visitors in December 2007, but December is a peak month. In December, there were 518,696 visitors.

While the number of visitors is less, the fact that they are still up compared to last year’s numbers is good news to government officials. Asita, the association of travel operators, was quick to point out that while these numbers are good, they were not up to expectations. Property investors in this overseas market may have to wait a little while longer before they see any significant gains on Indonesian property. The increased visitor numbers are not enough to boost the tourism industry. In order for the tourism industry to truly be boosted, enough visitors need to enter the country and pump money into the local economy.

The Indonesian government is preparing for more success in 2008, and in preparation, they are starting several programs and activities to ensure that visitors get the best services available. These programs are enlisting the help of hotel, restaurant and travel agencies to make 2008 a banner year for Indonesia. Many rental property owners are in the process of updating their units in order to deal with what they expect could be increased demand. Bukittinggi, situated about 2 hours from Minangkabau International Airport, plans to offer discounts for restaurants and some of the 54 star rated hotels that serve the city.