Investments in golf course properties growing

Property investments into Australian golf course developments sees renewed interest by investors and home buyers.

The Baby Boomer generation sees living on a golf course to be an excellent way of life. For many here, the golf course estate offers the ability to enjoy recreation, have access to some of the best amenities including tennis course, day spas and fine dining, just across the green.

Investors are continuously considering the value of adding these new communities to many of Australia's cities. Called Deluxe Golf Resorts, they allow property owners to look out each morning onto their spacious greens on all sides. Even those that do not plan to spend a lot of time on that green, these luxury surroundings are appealing.

As reported by Your Mortgage, Ian Pepper who is CEO of Property Penguin, a property finance and advisory group in Australia, "For people who don't play golf there are other attractions such as swimming pools, tennis courts and restaurants, which along with the picturesque scenery of the golf course, give it a real resort like feel."

For investors, there are careful considerations to be made. Within the right location, capital growth on offer to property investors here is exceptional. The best locations are those that offer wide open areas and offer a small number of dwellings.

Australia's property market is still strong, and investors realize that the luxury lifestyle here is set to continue. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, more and more luxury property options like these will be in demand.