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Sir Edmund Hillary’s house in New Zealand saved for the nation

It will cost $200,000 to move it from Remuera to the Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate in South Auckland and ends a bitter argument about the building’s future as there were fears it would be knocked down by its new owner.

The mountaineer’s family wanted it to be saved but could not afford to fund a move. It was sold to multi millionaire and former New Zealand cricketer Terry Jarvis for $1.9 million who owns the property next door. He confirmed he wanted the land rather than the building and planned to plant trees in its place.

Auckland Museum and former mountaineer Graeme Dingle had suggested it could be moved to a site at Kaipara Harbour for his Project K foundation but there would have been no public access.
Now after months of negotiations a satisfactory settlement has been agreed. The top floor will be cut into four pieces and moved along with all the fittings from the ground floor. A replica of the ground floor, including Sir Edmund’s study will be built at the school.

‘I really wanted it to go somewhere where it would be utilised in the community as a legacy. I had a number of applications but it would have meant the public wouldn't have had access to it,’ explained Jarvis.

The school, which takes students from 30 different nationalities plan to use the house as a leadership centre. ‘We really appreciate being given the house and feel it is our duty to honour and preserve it,’ said a spokeswoman.

It is understood that Jarvis and the government will pick up the cost of moving the building. The Hillary family welcomed the news.