New Zealand commercial buildings go green

The demand for greener buildings is strong in New Zealand, especially in commercial sector. Both tenants and governments want green properties.

In Auckland, it is becoming more in demand that properties for the commercial sector are greener than in the past. World leaders encourage it, but the government says it is necessary.

Greener buildings are highly in demand. The government here wants to see them implemented. Additionally, fund managers want to see them if they are to invest in the property. In addition, tenants expect to see greener properties to move into for their business needs.

There are many benefits to moving to a greener building plan and tenants want those benefits. Most companies want to see improvements in terms of disclosure of emissions. Most want government and builders to play a role in improving climate change, too.

Some organisations are available to showcase the importance of such construction projects. Namely, the Investor Group for Climate Change is a group that includes some of Australia and New Zealand's largest investors such as Babcock & Brown, Eureka, BT, and AMP.

This group should not be dismissed based on their premise of providing more green properties to the countries. The fact is they control about $20 billion in property.

Builders must take note, investors say, especially with the recent news and showings that in New Zealand, home building approvals have dropped significantly. In fact, new building permits of all types have dropped considerably over the last six to twelve months. Paying attention to these newer green developers and investors is necessary.