Women make most choices in home buying in Australia

With stakes so high in the Australian housing market, catering to a woman's appeal may help sell homes faster, says one study.

The Australian housing market is one of the most costly in the world, ranked just behind New Zealand. Every home sale has become virtually essential. In an effort to help sell homes faster, one study shows that homes that are appealing to women sell faster.

The study, done by Century 21, a real estate agency, found that 90 per cent of home buying decisions were related to the women's opinion and decision. In 2/3 of situations, women choose which home is the right one for the couple to purchase. More so, women most often select the estate agent to handle the sale of their own home.

When selling property to the family unit, it may be beneficial to insure the areas where women are most particular are represented the best. For example, women often pay a good deal of attention to kitchens and bathrooms. They are more likely to select a home that is uncluttered and organized as well.

It has been shown that when a home is staged, such things are baking bread or brewing coffee is too contrived in a woman's opinion and therefore may not be the best tactic.

With home prices in cities like Melbourne and Sydney hitting record highs, the house selling market is tight. These small adjustments can help to improve the selling power of the property.