Badi launches in New York City

Roommate app Badi has launched in New York City.

After soft-launching in November last year the company currently has 2 million users and 300,000 listings.

Badi has already launched in London, Barcelona and Madrid.

Carlos Pierre, chief executive of Badi, said: “Every major city around the world is suffering from over-crowdedness and increasing rent prices.

“We started to solve this problem in Europe several years ago, and it didn’t take long for Badi to become the ‘go-to’ app for people looking for rooms to rent or roommates in EU’s biggest cities.

“The strong interest from the participants in our beta group alongside the findings from our 2020 survey on NYC indicate that city dwellers are warming up to the idea of sharing and co-living arrangements.

“The overall sentiment and feedback we received leads me to believe that we can make a similar impact here in the U.S. and naturally, that begins with New York City.”

Available on the web at or through Badi’s iOS and Android apps, users can search for rooms and roommates based on individual preferences and other filters such as age, interests, lifestyle preferences, and nationality.