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Barratt has built 793 homes in Bristol in 12 months

Barratt Developments has built 793 homes in the Bristol region in the last 12 months, and brought more than £47m to local communities.

The company spent £29m on physical works in the community to improve highways, local outdoor spaces and community facilities.

A further £13m came from through spending in shops and services, while £5.6m has been contributed to local organisations including local authorities, schools, community groups and charities.

Russell Glimstead, managing director of Barratt Bristol, said: “We strongly believe that we are not only building houses with our developments, but sustainable communities.

“The local areas we work in benefit from jobs, community development and supporting local business as well as providing new homes.

“It’s so important to us to leave a lasting legacy in and around these new neighbourhoods, and I’m very proud of the positive impact we have, both during construction and for years to come.”