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Barratt Launches First Gas-Free New Housing Development

Show homes at the first gas-free development built by the nation’s largest housebuilder have opened in Nunney, Frome.

Delamare Park is the first Barratt development in the country with no gas supply or connection on-site in a move that will pave the way for future developments by the country’s largest housebuilder.

All 82 properties at Barratt Homes’ Delamare Park development are fitted with air source heat pumps as standard – a clean, highly efficient and emissions-free way of meeting a home’s heating and hot water requirements.

Unlike traditional boilers which are the largest contributor to household carbon emissions, air source heat pumps require only water and electric connection. They absorb heat from the outside air and can operate when outside temperatures are as low as -20°C.

Designed specifically for UK homes, the ultra-quiet Ecodan air source heat pumps installed at Delamare Park have a ErP (Energy Related Products Directive) A++ performance rating and they can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The launch of the development follows calls for more properties to get off gas and utilise air source heat pumps as a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. According to reports, air source heat pumps will be cheaper to run than gas boilers by April 2022, given current projected gas price rises.

A total of 22 properties have already been reserved, some following a first look at the show homes as well as a demonstration by Mitsubishi on how the air source heat pumps work.

Louise Ware, sales director at Barratt David Wilson Homes South West, said: “All properties at Delamare Park feature this green technology as standard – the transition to low carbon heating in an older property can cost thousands of pounds so residents will immediately reap the benefits with a move to this development. We’re really excited to be the first team within Barratt Developments to fit air source heat pumps in our homes. The number of properties that have already been reserved is testament to how keen consumers are to reduce their carbon footprint. Heat pumps are clean and highly efficient and the way to a greener future. We’re proud to pave the way, not just within our business, but across the wider new-build industry.”

Air source heat pumps can reduce your carbon footprint by more than two tonnes per year, contributing up to 20 per cent less COemissions than gas boilers and up to 70 per cent less than electric systems. Over ten years, the emissions saving could be the equivalent of 30 return flights between London and Madrid.

Barratt Developments was the first major national housebuilder to set science-based targets and has committed to reduce direct carbon emissions by 29 per cent by 2025. Barratt Developments, parent company of Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes, has also announced that it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in its own operations by 2040 – becoming the first major housebuilder to make this commitment.

Named after Sir John de la Mare, a knight in the court of King Edward III who built nearby Nunney Castle in the 14th century, Delamare Park includes a range of two, three, four and five-bedroom properties. The development includes electric car charging for every home, more than three acres of open space as well as measures to support local wildlife including the planting of 178 new trees, the creation of hedgehog highways and a five-metre ecological boundary, which will be preserved for nature.