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Bluestone launches with LMS Secure Link to increase efficiency of conveyancing process

LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancer and panel management specialist, today announces that Bluestone Group, the specialist mortgage lender, is launching with LMS Secure Link®.

LMS Secure Link® is an innovative messaging service, launched last year to streamline the conveyancing process and improve case query turnaround times. The service enables law firms to raise common post offer queries with the lender in a streamlined way to help firms achieve quicker responses and avoid delays to the conveyancing process.

Current users have found FAQs have been answered almost immediately. Over two thirds (69%) of queries were resolved in this way, never needing to progress beyond the FAQ stage. Not only does this prevent hold ups in the conveyancing process as the law firm awaits an answer, it also frees up more time for all stakeholders to focus on more complex cases or questions that need a bespoke, tailored response.

Bluestone will also be the first lender to allow law firms to request redemption statements quickly and securely through the Secure Link® portal.

The launch with Bluestone marks an important expansion of the service for LMS as it looks to streamline the conveyancing process in an increasingly digital market. Like other lenders, Bluestone is prioritising post offer, pre completion queries that are channelled through this service.

The expansion of Secure Link® shows LMS’ commitment to the digitisation of the mortgage market in a way that eases pressure on lenders and conveyancers while improving customer outcomes.