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Bosch Commercial & Industrial Launches Heat Education Scheme

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Bosch Commercial & Industrial has launched a new educational online resource to help support the implementation of heat networks across the country.

The ‘Heat Networks Hub’ is intended to inform project developers, consultants and contractors about the cost- and climate-saving benefits of district heating technology.

The Hub includes a newly-released animation ‘Hello to Heat Networks’ which provides detail about what heat networks offer, how they work and their wider benefits, including versatility, affordability and future-proofing credentials.

The Hub also includes a Knowledge section where visitors can discover the latest changes and trends in this sector and how it may affect ongoing or future projects.

Visitors can delve into information about Bosch Commercial & Industrial’s portfolio including its BESA-registered Heat Interface Units, energy centre and plant room technologies.  They can also view similar heat network projects for inspiration. Training courses and CPDs are available through the Hub.

Steve Lister, sales director at Bosch Commercial & Industrial said; “Different types of buildings require different heating solutions, its not a one-size fits all. Currently there is a lot of media attention around hydrogen and heat pump technology, but little on heat networks. At Bosch Commercial & Industrial we believe heat networks are an ideal solution for densely populated cities and towns, which will help decarbonise heating and hot water affordably. We want to take a leading position to help increase the awareness and implementation of heat networks in the UK. The benefits they offer are undeniable and we truly believe we could see up to 20% of all dwellings in the UK connected to heat networks, but only if the right education and tools are there.”