Breakups common after Brits move in together

Over half (56%) of Brits have broken up after moving in with a partner, research from Good Move has found.

Leaving bags, clothes and shoes everywhere is the biggest bugbear when living with a partner (22%), with others being leaving the toilet seat up (21%) and not doing the washing up (21%).

Nima Ghasri, director at Good Move, said: “It’s very interesting to find out that many people in the UK have broken up with a partner after moving in together, and we can only imagine how much this has increased during lockdown.

“Moving in together is a big step, and we hope couples do think seriously about the decision before they enter a rental contract or mortgage together.

“It’s also fascinating to see the everyday things we do and how much of an effect these have on our partners – we may want to become a little tidier and cleaner if we want to keep our partner’s happy!”

One in five (22%) moved in with a partner after one to two years of dating.

The majority of men (26%) say their partner doesn’t have any pet peeves that annoy them that much, but for women, leaving the toilet seat up was the biggest annoyance while living with their partner (23%).

Despite these statistics, eight in 10 (82%) people claim that they are easy to live with, with 18%, admitting they aren’t.

Chris Pleines, relationship expert at Dating Scout offers his advice on moving in with a partner, to help couples looking to make that important step: “Moving in together is a big decision so you must plan things out carefully.

“When living with a partner, you’ll no longer be able to avoid discussing each other’s finances, so you should discuss your arrangements and financial situation before searching for a house and moving in together.

“This way, you both know how much you can afford and ensure you’re not living beyond your means.

“It’s important to be realistic and not expect that everything will go as planned. There will be some bumps along the way but don’t lose heart when these problems pop up.

“Remember that the most important thing to consider is how you feel for each other and try to have fun while doing the errands and other important things that come with moving together too.”