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Builders and roofers among most ‘unprofessional’ tradespeople

Homeowners consider both builders and roofers to be among the most unprofessional in the UK, research from bathroom and shower specialist found.

Two thirds (65%) think builders are unprofessional, with three in five (60%) feeling the same way about roofers.

Kitchen fitters were deemed the most unprofessional tradespeople (73%).

Martin, managing director of, said: “For many, the home is one of the most important aspects of their life. So naturally it takes a lot of faith for them to allow tradespeople to come into their living environment and carry out desired improvements/changes.

“This research certainly shows that this trust is not always being reciprocated, with certain tradespeople more culpable than others.

“It certainly shows that Brits are very perceptive of the way tradespeople hold themselves as well as their work ethic. Consequently, it’s very important for a tradesperson to maintain professionalism at all times and deliver the highest possible level of customer service.”

A tradesperson not turning up when arranged/agreed (81%) is the most unprofessional thing they could do.

Meanwhile 76% do not appreciate being overcharged, while 73% take issue with poor workmanship.