‘Buy-to-let landlords need to assess how green their properties are right now’

Buy-to-let landlords in England should assess the energy efficiency works their properties require to take advantage of online applications for the Green Homes Grant in September, said tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg.

The Green Homes Grant will see the government pay two-thirds of energy-efficient home improvements up to £5,000.

Heather Powell, property partner at the firm, said: “The applications for the grant will open in just over a months’ time so buy-to-let landlords need to assess their properties now and get their applications in as fast as possible because thousands of people will apply.

“It is also likely that the government will tighten energy efficiency regulations still further in 2021, making these works essential for many rental properties.”

She added: “Works can include wall and loft insulation, draught proofing and double glazing, all works that should improve the Energy Performance Rating (“EPC”) of a property.

“Landlords cannot let properties with an energy performance rating of F or G (unless they qualify for an exemption).

“Landlords should be planning to undertake works that can be done with the grant funding that is being made available. Their tenants will also benefit as they will get a reduction in their annual fuel bills.”