Canopy signs deals with insurers


Fintech firm Canopy, the digital rental ‘ecosystem’, has expanded its offering by signing a number of new partnership agreements.

Canopy has partnered with Cuvva for flexible car insurance; Laka for bicycle insurance; Urban Jungle for contents insurance; Anorak for income protection; Pluto for travel insurance; BoughtByMany for pet insurance; and Commuter Club for railcard savings.

Tahir Farooqui, chief executive & founder of Canopy, said: “Renters have been underserved by both the housing and financial market, most times being offered financial products that aren’t suited to their needs, long after they have moved into a property.

“We are changing that. Our ambition is to understand the unique characteristics of renters and their demands, so we can offer more of what they need, whether that is financial products, the ability to maximise their housing related spend, or giving them savings on necessary purchases when moving home.”

Through its platform Canopy is creating a list of partners who offer the products renters are looking for, while they are being made accessible via mobile.

Loren Gould, marketing director at flexible car insurance provider, Cuvva, said: “Now more than ever millennials and Gen Z’s are after products and services that offer flexibility and are better tailored around their needs and lifestyles.

“The financial pinch is being felt by many, who simply can’t afford to pay more that they have to.”