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Canopy unveils referencing promotion

Fintech firm Canopy is offering letting agents and landlords its tenant screening service for free over the next three months.

To be eligible people need to sign up the referencing service until 30 June 2020 for 18 months, though they can cancel at any time by giving three months’ notice if they are unhappy with the referencing product or Canopy service.

Tahir Farooqui, founder and chief executive of Canopy, said: “Letting agents and landlords have been hard hit by a wave of regulatory changes and the impending slowdown in economy, triggered by COVID-19.

“This could be the tipping point for some agents and landlords, who are faced with rising costs whilst having to adjust to a new economic reality. Many letting agents and landlords will be looking at ways of cuttings costs and our free tenant referencing will bring big savings.

“This is a moment to shift from selling to supporting the lettings agents, landlords and tenants to the best of our ability. These moments call for an act of solidarity and a real sense of community.

“We are ready to support letting agents and landlords by offering free tenant screening service until the end of June 2020.

“Given the technology nature of our business, we are in a strong position to serve letting agents and landlord and do not expect the corona virus to have any impact on our services. Our customers can expect the same level of service and full engagement from our teams.”

Canopy’s instant tenant screening service, powered by Experian and Open Banking Data, is already free.

For referencing, covering employment and landlord references, Canopy charges £3 per reference, which the company is waiving for both current and potential clients.