Completed rentals up by 30% in July

rents grow

Completed rentals were up by 30% in July for property management firm, D. J. Alexander.

There were 235 new rentals, of which the majority were finalised through virtual viewings.

David Alexander, joint managing director of D. J. Alexander, said: “We have had an incredibly busy July with substantially increased demand from renters.

“This has helped to maintain rents at their previous levels at a time when many in the sector believed that pricing might be vulnerable.”

Alexander added: “People are desperate to return to some sort of normality and their acceptance of virtual viewings is an interesting development.

“Technology has kept many of us in touch with family, friends, and work during the lockdown and there appears to be much greater acceptance in using new methods to view properties than any of us would have believed six months ago.

“While there will undoubtedly be more bumps in the road as the year progresses and the prevalence of the virus fluctuates this is a great start and offers some hope that we will get through this and the market will prevail.”