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Eco Features Help Wildlife at Bicester Development

A housebuilder is introducing sustainable features to help improve local ecology at a new housing development in Launton.

Developer Mulberry has installed protective measures for wildlife at Launton Mews, off Blackthorn Road, to create a safer and more accommodating environment for animals to live and thrive in.

A variety of bat and bird mitigation features, including bat tubes and bird boxes have been installed across the site, along with a reptile and amphibian hibernaculum. Badger expansion works have also taken place to help grow and enhance spaces for wildlife.

Mulberry has also introduced wooden hedgehog houses and a hedgehog highway along the perimeter of the development, alongside hedgehog holes which have been implemented into fencing across the site and between homes.

As part of the developer’s Mulberry Way initiative, which was established to improve sustainability and ecology in the areas in which the developer builds, the development also includes electric car charging points, automated smart parcel delivery boxes for those expecting deliveries whilst away from home, a gardening club to encourage the community to plant together, and landscaped green garden boundaries for selected homes.

Kerry Jones, sales and marketing director for Mulberry Homes, said: “At Mulberry, we believe in the importance of ecological sustainability and enhancing the areas where we build our homes to the best of our ability. These values are driven from the very top of Mulberry by our passionate teams – who always aim to do as much as they can to help protect the environment. It is important for us as a responsible housebuilder to invest in the future, and we hope that with the ecological work we are carrying out across our developments, we can help to attract more wildlife to the areas surrounding our homes.”