Is Albania the next big property boom market?

Albania has the makings for a property boom especially for weary foreign investors looking for more security in the coming years.

In Albania, several key areas have helped to make the country a likely location for property investment. Foreigners are seeing investments in property here as offering the best opportunities because of the country's current situation.

Albania features a good political and economic climate in the European Union. Additionally the legal aspects of buying property here are easy to take advantage of for investment. Geography and culture make it an ideal investment for those looking for a second home or rental property for the tourism market too.

Perhaps most importantly the country offers sizable potential growth in the property market. The country offers opportunities for UK investors especially.

Beachfront property is widely available. These lots for sale are affordable to buy. Since the country is Europe's least developed, there are some stumbling blocks in the way of infrastructure. The country is seeing a surge in redevelopment to work on improving these features.

Property on the beachside here will run to about £32,000 for one to two bedroom apartments.

The future here looks good. Some economists and property investors seek 6 per cent GDP growth, 20 per cent capital growth and 10 per cent growth in the tourism industry to be good factors for investing in property here.