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Commercial property market in Dublin ranks third in Europe

The Knight Frank European Strength Rankings is a ranking system that shows the strength of any European market in terms of commercial real estate. To accomplish this, factors are used that play a role in driving occupier and investor demands.

This ranking showed that Dublin ranked in the top ten of all European cities in terms of commercial property strength. In fact, they came in at number three.

In other countries, Madrid took the second place with Moscow behind it. London showed its commercial property market strength at fourth, with Warsaw, Birmingham and Prague following after.

These rankings from Knight Frank are used for many reasons, but show the economic and property market performance and strength in the most recent times based on various indicators. They help to show medium term forecasts. The company uses many factors to develop these standings including GDP growth, rental growth, risk rankings and employment growth of the cities within Europe.

In additional news out of Ireland today is the increase in the number of overseas visitors there. The increase is of more than 70,000 visitors in the last twelve months, according to the Central Statistics Office. North American trips increased by some 3800 while trips from residents from Britain increased by 36,600 and 33.300 increased by trips from people from other European countries.