Eager UK buyers check estate agents daily

More than one in three home buyers in the UK check in with estate agencies at least once a day when they are trying to find their dream home, new research has found.

Some 35% of admit to contacting estate agencies either on the phone or online daily and they register with three estate agent offices or online services while 12% have sign up with five or more.

The research by the Nottingham Building Society also found that around 72% of home owners admit to regularly looking at houses for sale and prices in their area even if they are not actively planning to sell or buy.

The Nottingham believes the research underlines how important expert support is during the home buying process to enable customers to achieve the best possible service whether they are buying or selling.

‘Home buying and selling has changed in recent years as more online services have become accessible but as this research shows the one thing that does not change is people’s appetite to keep updated of changes to the market,’ said Su Snaith, head of estate agency at The Nottingham.

‘The number of available properties to buy is at an all-time low and it is understandable that some people that are checking with agents every day. It underlines the importance of a strong relationship with your estate agent and is the best way to stay on top of what is a major purchase,’ she pointed out.

The study shows the most common way to research the market for buyers is going online to find average prices. However, some buyers are still happy to go to estate agents offices.

Overall 65% looked at prices online, 41% looked in local estate agents windows, 30% registered with local estate agents online, 26% registered with local offices, and 26% picked up details of properties from estate agents.

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