Euro is not enough to gamble on property investment

The Euro's value is no longer enough to invest in property because of an instable property market across Europe.

Some investors say that investing in property throughout Europe with the plan to see a return on your investment through the increasing value of the Euro is not enough. While the euro likely will continue to see gains in value, it is also likely that the housing market troubles here are going to be too much for such an investment to remain a wise one.

HiFX which is a currency exchange service, has instructed investors to look towards the details of each country and location first before relying on the increasing value of the Euro for investment purposes.

The Euro itself is having trouble maintaining its ability to increase in value. In the last few weeks, the Euro has edged higher to $1.50 than ever, but falls back each time. According to many investors, this is a sign that the Euro may fall to $1.40 as a sign of its true value.

The property market in many of the Eastern European countries is stronger than ever, while many of the larger invest traditional countries are seeing a steady drop in property value. For example, the Spanish market has been under the fire lately, as has Cypress and even France. The UK market is doing poorly as well. Yet, countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, and other Eastern European countries are less likely to struggle.