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Eurostar helps boost french property buying

British investors now have an easier time getting to their French property. This is due in part to the easy use of the Eurostar. It now has the ability to boost the property market there.

The website, reported that Cherise Williams, who is a spokesperson for VEF Group, said that the property market would see a benefit from the addition of the Eurostar, a fast moving train that easily connects the two locations.

According to Williams, it is now, "quick and easy" for property investors to travel to their properties. She also said, as reported by the website, "People are also purchasing because commuter links are expected to improve within the next ten years between London and Calais."

For the UK investor, quickly and affordably getting to their overseas property has always been a concern. Many who do this through the air have reported that affordable airfare contributes to where they will buy overseas.

Many low fare airlines have been introduced to help encourage investments and to help get property investors to those markets most in demand, like Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Not only are investors benefiting from the Eurostar, but so are the many second home buyers that have always loved France as their retirement destination.