French property still desirable

French property is still an affordable and desirable option for many investors and is likely to continue this trend.

While the French property market may not be what it was just a handful of years ago, it is still one of the most attractive investment options for those in the UK or otherwise. One of the reasons many from the UK choose France to invest in is the quality of life. It does not take much to enjoy a quality meal and the beautiful beaches.

Some are put off from retiring in France due to the tax rate (49.8 per cent) but for retirees with incomes below €70,000, there is a lower tax bracket that falls the less you make. The average price of an average piece of property in France is €140,000. While property prices are likely to slow, it is still one of the most attractive locations in the region.

Another area of potential benefit in France is the skiing. For those looking for ski property to invest in, Vaujany is one of the top ten best resorts in the world for second home buyers or investors. This small, village resort offers ideal skiing features taking you from 3300 metres to 1100 metres. It is located easily from Grenoble airport making for an ideal holiday spot.

While property is expensive in the regions surrounding Vaujany, property here is considerably less, making it a good option. In addition, property prices continue to rise in this area including an 8 per cent rise over the past year last year.