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Massive increase in golf resorts in Cyprus approved by government

Professionals points out that the decision by the government will benefit industries that are currently struggling because of the economic downturn as well as property investors and homebuyers.

'The decision was taken for the purpose of strengthening tourism in Cyprus and boosting economic activity,' said Government Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou.

Developers, contractors and real estate companies have warned that they are on the brink of bankruptcy as hundreds of properties are unsold and the banks are refusing to help them out with new loans.

So it is hoped that the new developments will boost these sectors. The decision to go ahead with 14 new golf courses will massively increase the number of golf resorts on the island. There are currently just three.

'This is excellent news for homebuyers and investors alike and will provide a substantial boost to rental demand, re-sales and economic activity in general,' said Dominic Farrell, director of

'Additionally, seasonality will be reduced in areas surrounding courses as the winter months in Cyprus are ideal for playing golf. Combined with the increase in low cost flights from airlines such as easyJet, we will see a sharp increase in visitors to the island. Owners of high quality properties with all-year-round facilities will benefit most,' he added.

However, because of concerns about water shortages, each golf course will be required to have its own desalination unit, which must be powered from renewable energy sources.

'In accordance with the decision, no water supplies will be given over by the government to meet the needs of these facilities,' explained Stefanou.

Opponents have claimed that such a massive increase in golf courses will ruin the natural environment, and not only in relation to the water shortage issue as each golf course will have villas and apartments attached.

It is expected that courses will be built in the district of Limassol at Ayios Ambrosios, at Paramali and Fassouri, at Polis Chrysochous, in Paphos and Ammochostos-Larnaca.