Security and lack of crime attract buyers to Ibiza

Homes in a gated community on the south coast of Ibiza are selling like hot cakes after word got around that there has not been a single burglary in the last five years.

It means that buyers of the properties at Vista Alegre can use them as second homes safe in the knowledge that they are secure.
‘Whether the threat of burglary is real or perceived, affluent house hunters place great importance on security,’ said Daniel Chavarria Waschke, managing director of Balearics Sotheby’s International Realty.

Locals point out that since local developer Fernando Corominas became president of Vista Alegre in 2007, he has implemented a wave of safety measures including automatic car registration plate recognition for each vehicle arriving at and leaving the development.

Established in 1968, development at Vista Alegre stepped up a gear from 2000 onwards.  Of a total 210 plots, 130 have been built upon and 18 villas are currently under construction.
Plot sizes range from 1,000 square meters to in excess of 11,000 square meters with a permissible build of approximately 40%, and prices vary from €450 per square meter to €1,200 per square meter.

German, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish, French, Swiss and British buyers have been looking on the development this year including two Real Madrid footballers and one from FC Barcelona.
All the villas are integrated into the landscape. ‘Most in demand right now is a very large frontline sea property but, however large, we try to conceal the home within the landscape,’ said Corominas.

‘We cover rooftops with grass and gardens, build stunning water cascades and prefer to use terracing to fit the contours rather than mass land movement. Each home also has a green lung at its heart, a courtyard of flora that opens to the sky,’ he added.

Most properties spacious bedrooms and ample living rooms which connect with nature through large picture windows as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Habitable green roof terraces, natural ventilation, solar energy, sustainability and the use of natural elements minimises environmental impact.

Yet the development is just 10 minutes from the airport and some of the most beautiful beaches of the south coast of the island.