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International property association membership increases investor confidence, survey shows

ome 88% of people who took part in an independent survey said they feel more assured about doing business with a firm that is an AIPP member.

Awareness of the role of the self-regulatory body for international property has also increased with 48% of potential overseas investors already knowing about the AIPP, up from 34%.

Chief executive Paul Owen said that the association has been working hard to raise its profile.

‘We work hard on many fronts to achieve our aim of making the international property market a better place in which to work and a safer place in which to buy,’ he said.

‘We’re really pleased with the results and I’m sure our Members will be too.

Our members are proactive in displaying their membership and enjoy the benefits that brings,’ he added.

It has a variety of initiatives including a free annual consumer publication ‘Buying Overseas Property Safely’ that is available online and in print, and the AIPP Awards which are free to enter in 2010.

‘The key to our success is consumer awareness and I’ve always believed that this is the secret to getting all professional companies on board.

When consumers ask if they are a member of the AIPP before handing money over, it will be too much of a business risk to remain a non-member.

The survey results show that we’re getting there,’ added Owen.

International property lawyer Peter Esders who recently joined legal firm Chebsey & Co, said that he believes non-members will not seem as credible.

‘When I joined Chebsey & Co the first thing that I did was to recommend membership of the AIPP to the Senior Partner.

Not only do I feel passionate about the work that AIPP does to regulate and promote the industry, but I also believe that the time has come that you have no credibility in the industry unless you are a member,’ he explained.

The survey was undertaken by A Place in the Sun Live staff at its exhibition in Birmingham at the beginning of October.