London and South East are 2008 property hotspots

The Homebuyer and Property Investor Show will name London and South East as the leading property markets for the upcoming year. This comes as no surprise as these areas offer a housing shortage that will spur investment.

The Homebuyer and Property Investor Show have asked investors about likely markets for the 2008 year. Nearly all say that the best locations for 2008 will be South East and London. These markets are expected to be the best performing throughout 2008. The show names the best markets for investors who attend to learn about potential property investments within the region and beyond.

The largest force behind these property markets will be the lack of supply of housing in South East and London. While other areas of the country continue to risk the drop in value, and the property market slides, London will be saved due to its shortage of effective housing.

Additionally, the survey found that a belief that the improvement of transport links has also helped to keep London as a likely place to move. Prices increases will happen due to the demand by foreign investors as well as the increased wealth of this region.

Demand should be the difference maker in London and South East. The demand is from both buyers and renters. Much of the rest of the country will remain in a subdued market through 2008, most analyst say.

Also named as potential hot spots for the 2008 year includes Merseyside, which was ranked second. The area is expected to see a rise in prices this year. This will happen, investors believe, because the area was named European Capital for Culture for 2008.

The Homebuyer and Property Investor Show is a long running event which provides investors and buyers with key resources. Some 250 exhibitors will via for the attention of investors including housing builders, brokers, lenders, and property investment training companies, to name a few. The show's focus is on serious investors and buyers in the UK and foreign markets. This year, the show will take place 7, 8, 9 March 2008.