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Overseas property investors turning to land and estates in Scotland

They include expats who are returning from working abroad as well as Dutch, German and Danish buyers, according to the latest data from Saint Property, one of Scotland's leading property search companies.

The current economic climate is very much the catalyst for the increase in interest from overseas buyers, according to Matthew Sinclair and prime Scottish properties are widely perceived to offer better value for money than their English counterparts.

'With the pound weakening against other major currencies, including losing 25% against the Euro, 32% against the HK Dollar and 33% against the US Dollar, the opportunity to buy in the UK suddenly seems like a prosperous move. This downturn in the economy has lead to a rise in the savvy buyer,' he explained.

'At this moment, 45% of our clients are foreign buyers, with 30% of those coming from the Eurozone and this is an unprecedented percentage as our clients have historically been UK citizens,' he added.

It is thought that prices were over-inflated previously and now high-end properties, such as sporting estates, farms and forestry can be purchased for a relatively reasonable price.

'Land is also comparatively cheap in Scotland and there are opportunities available to purchase land and forestry in Scotland and we are seeing good interest from Dutch, German and Danish buyers,' said Sinclair.

With prices in Scotland thought to have fallen by 15 to 20%, the European and indeed overseas buyer, is in effect making a double saving – one with the decrease in price and secondly from the good exchange rate, according to the company.

It expects that this surge in buyers coming back to Scotland will have a knock on effect on the competitive nature of property in the country.