Portugal property offers better lifestyle

Portugal continues to be prime location for UK investors to buy second homes.

Many purchase second homes in Portugal as a second home destination. Increasingly, the increase in investments here has been to take advantage of the improved lifestyle that the country boasts.

While some investors look to Portugal for profit, many more are turning towards lifestyle purchases. Many believe that the quality of life here is better than that of many UK locations. According to one expert, Rhiannon Williamson, who is from ShelterOffshore.com, said as reported by Assetz.com, "Portugal is more popular with those seeking a home, a second home or retirement property abroad rather than those simply looking for real estate assets for investment purposes."

A survey, which was recently released by NatWest International Personal Banking and the Centre for Future Studies, reported that Portugal was one of the top three in terms of quality of life.

Portugal has a lot to offer. The country is nearby to home and it has a similar overall economy. The economy here grew by just under 2% in 2007, which was the largest growth the country has seen since 2001 (as reported by the National Statistics Institute).

While the economy is struggling around Europe, Portugal is not untouched, and it has been a factor in the past as well. Yet most economists believe that the economy here will remain more robust than in other, more entrenched countries.

A good supply of UK investors is regularly seen in Portugal. More so, a good variety of choices in location as well as in overall price are available here, creating even more demand for property.