Property investors head for rural Italy for investments

Rural parts of Italy offer more affordable housing. Better transportation here and investor interest could drive property values up throughout Italy.

Several factors are likely to help boost property investor dollars in Italy including a rural market that is worth investing in, better transport and demand for popular tourist locations.

In larger cities, such as Milan, new property developments are readily available. Milan is Italy's second largest city. Both residential and commercial property sales here will see a boost, improving the economy and offering property investors a way into the market.

Other locations, more rural, offer additional property investment options for investors. Overseas investors who traditionally enjoy Italy's long term attraction to tourists will find benefits here. In locations such as small Bevagna, new property development will help to develop the location into a tourist destination. British investors continue to eye such developments with interest.

Another rural town that stands to see improvements in the property market is San Pietro, which is a very underdeveloped seaside village. It is likely to become one of the best tourism hotspots in the coming years, many investors believe.

To help boost these figures even more is the development and improvements to Italy's transport system. With the high speed rail service nearly complete, property values in regions where tourists are heavily found will increase but so will more rural locations now able to access these hotspots faster and easier. Improved accessibility is a key factor here.