Sicily property sees steady growth

As part of Europe's Mediterranean draw, Sicily continues to be a popular place for investment.

Sicily is a location of beautiful landscapes, unique people and a very interesting culture. The property market continues to increase regularly, and though it is a popular destination for investors from overseas, property prices are not as high as many think.

Property prices in Sicily continue to grow at the same pace they have been, at about 20 per cent a year. Not only do investors from Northern Europe find the location suitable, but so do Italians, especially those coming from cities like Turin and Milan.

Property in Sicily is beautiful, which is something not seen in the same level as other locations. Finding quaint townhouses with amazing ceilings is the normal thing here. Many unique palaces sit on the island, attracting views. These available properties draw in a variety of investors.

Sicily has been an alluring property market, but security has always been an issue here. In recent months though, security has improved and the Mafia does not seem to be a problem any longer. Citizens are also welcoming and inviting to new investors.

Purchasing property in this region, including Italy, continues to be attractive. Many UK investors enjoy the culture and the overall lifestyle here and therefore continue to invest in the countries.

Additionally, tourism in Italy and in Sicily is higher than ever. The property markets are open to foreign investors as well. In total, these things help provide an invitation of sorts to overseas investors looking for an opportunity.