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UK property agent introduces smart sales boards with latest digital technology

The new technology allows buyers to scan a QR code or NFC chip to obtain immediate information (via a smartphone) about the property in question, and Strutt & Parker is coinciding the roll-out with the launch of its new mobile website.

Smartboards work in conjunction with smartphones to enable information to be downloaded instantaneously with the ‘zap’ of the QR code. The distinctive black and white squares of the QR code are becoming increasingly common in the marketing world with advances in smart technology, and the property industry is set to be no different.

Strutt & Parker’s smartboards, which are provided by Kremer Signs, will be fixed to the post beneath the standard sale board and the bold QR code and vibrant red design will attract the attention of passers by. The code can then be scanned by any smartphone or, with more advanced phones, the latest NFC technology can be used to merely touch the board to initiate the information download. The phone will then show full property details including floor plans and photos, as well as offering the option to easily complete a short request form for further information or a viewing.

‘This is remarkable and groundbreaking technology. We are incredibly proud to be the first agent to trial this innovative product from Kremer Signs, and we feel confident that it will open new doors in marketing our properties,’ said Kiersty Long, head of digital marketing at Strutt & Parker.

‘As some of our more rural properties are down the end of a long driveway, the smartboard enables buyers to see what the house looks like from the end of the lane,’ she added.

As well as being a useful tool for buyers the smartboard technology also puts the agent at a huge advantage as they will be able to access all the statistics on who is using the boards. By logging into their SmartboardTM account the agent is able to see the following information provided by the customer: full name; mobile number; e-mail address; date and time; the location; the age range of the customer; gender; and the type of mobile device used.

Mark Fraser of, global leaders in NFC and QR Code management, said that the technology allows agents to manage thousands of properties and see results in real time. ‘We've built the only platform in the world that is capable of supporting such high volumes of NFC and QR code campaigns. It is the future of marketing and we are excited about introducing it to the property market,’ he added.