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New property search analysis shows South of France is most popular

Property in PACA accounted for 15.65% of all French real estate enquiries received last year by overseas property portal The Move Channel.

Other southern regions are also popular with house hunters, with Aquitaine receiving 14.11% of enquiries, closely followed by Languedoc Rousillon with 13.94%.

The least popular area for property in France was Lorraine, with 0.29% of French property enquiries.

Despite this demand for property in the South of France, Paris is shown to be the city with the strongest investment appeal, accounting for over a fifth of the portal's enquiries last year. Bordeaux and Marseilles were close runners up.

The chart also highlights buyer behaviour. Analysing the trend of search keywords in Google the words ‘houses for sale in France’ was the most commonly used phrase. It was also used twice as often as ‘property for sale in France’ and ‘French property’. The word ‘houses’ was used far more than ‘cottages’ or ‘villas’.

‘This is the first in a series of infographics that will provide overviews of global property markets in a new and accessible way,’ said Move Channel editor Ivan Radford.

‘We've found some really interesting facts about French real estate. The preference to hunt for houses is a particular surprise, which can perhaps be explained by the number of lifestyle buyers searching for a French holiday home. We look forward to doing the same for other countries,’ he added.