Spain still offers great buy to let opportunities

Property in Spain has been in a downward spiral, but several incentives work to make it a buy to let opportunity for many investors. Spain still offers great buy to let opportunities

Foreign property investors see Spain as an opportunity for investment, with the perspective that buy to let may work well here. There are several benefits in place that allow for this to take place, including a combination of key tax breaks and public sector incentives. Grants are also available, which makes the country very lucrative for those investors looking to stay in the larger European countries.

One of the largest sectors that stand to benefit from the addition of more foreign investors is the younger generation of home buyers. Spain has more 22 to 30 year olds still living with their parents than any other nation, which is a signal to the unaffordable situation of the country's housing market.

The Spanish property market has seen an increase in demand because of falling house prices. Because the country has been in a boom for nearly ten years, the fall was expected. Yet many did not realize that the fall would be as sharp, which is due in part to the subprime lending situations plaguing the country.

Grants are now in place to help encourage renting property as a young adult. More so, tax rebates are now in line for those looking for a deposit in order to get into rental properties. These key things will increase the demand for good quality rental properties. Foreign investors are the key to providing just that as the demand for such properties will likely continue.