The big move to turkey continues

Investors see Turkey as an ideal location. Increases in the number of tourists here as well as property owners building their own property here continue to show the true draw of the country.

Germans are helping to fund the tourism industry as key investors work towards helping tourism grow in Turkey. Those investors are looking to develop properties that are luxury and high end. The goal is to lure more of the higher spending tourists into the country.

Turkey saw some 23 million overseas visitors in 2007. The country plans to invest heavily into tourism to continue to draw in larger crowds. German investors who are bringing the money to the country to do this type of investing say there is a true demand and profit to be earned.

According to Boris Raoul who is from the German firm FTI Frosch Tourism, as reported by Nirvana International, "All inclusive packages have been popular for quite some time. But recently, particularly the regions with very exclusive and luxury hotels have been in greater demand – Germans prefer a kind of premium variant of all inclusive."

Investors are also purchasing and building their own homes here. The tourism trend has attracted many buy to let investors who are finding it quite affordable to build their own properties. The benefits of building on land allows for a fast increase in the value of the properties as well.