Think France, think Atlantic coast

Property prices are holding up well in France and reasonably prices are available in the less know regions.

But investing in these areas does not mean being in the middle of nowhere. They still have access to fabulous beaches, scenery and even nightlife.

One such area is Biarritz in the south-west of France on the Atlantic coast which is poised to become a hot destination for those unwilling to pay over inflated prices on the Cote d'Azur, according to agents in the area.

It is a popular seaside resort just 30km from the Spanish border and has traditionally been a place where French families have visited for years.

But it is a comparatively unknown and unpublicised region of France for overseas investors despite having some of the best beaches in Europe including the classic Le Grand Plage and the fashionable Miramar Beach. The town is also a stop on the world surfing tour and has glitzy nightclubs and stylish restaurants.

'When looking to invest in France the Atlantic coast is often overlooked. Yet is a vibrant area, not some kind of rural backwater and for the longer term investor good potential. It is the Atlantic equivalent of the Cote d'Azur,' said James Finch of French Properties For You.

'Biarritz is a much loved region of France where strong capital growth is most certainly anticipated. A fabulous and affordable coastal alternative to the busy and expensive South of France. It is a discreet, fashionable and bustling destination,' said Bertie Sanderson of Erna Low Property.

The Atlantic Coast is definitely worth looking into according to Les Calvert, director of who believes that the new, faster Eurostar and the arrival of new, low-cost airlines is stimulating interest.

'The Mediterranean coast has always been popular, but now the Atlantic coast is becoming more popular, similar to the way the Silver Coast had been growing recently in Portugal,' he said.

'You can get the same amount of sunshine but for half the price of the Mediterranean side. It's also just as quick to get there now because of increased flight routes and more knowledge about the area,' he added.