Third international tourism and property show for Greece

Greek's third International Tourism and Property show is to be held in March 2009 and feature more 'hosted buyers' who proved to be a great success at this year's event.

Running for three days on the 27, 28 and 29th of March at the Olympic Fencing Hall at Hellenikon (old Athens airport) it will have even more space than the first two shows.

More space than before will be given over to information on Greece's real estate industry as the country attempts to attract more overseas investors.

After a trial at the 2008 show 120 'hosted buyers' have been invited for 2009 from various foreign markets including the UK, Ireland, Russia and Eastern Europe. The aim is to bring them into contact with exhibitors for an exchange of 'real life' experience, organisers said.

There will also be an international presentation from the top Greek builders, developers, hotel enterprises, real estate experts and tourist destinations.

Specifically on the property front is a formal unveiling of new investment plans for luxury villas, hotels, yacht marinas, golf courses, winter and summer tourism, alternative tourism and pre-fabricated homes.

However the property industry has an uphill struggle convincing Greeks to invest in Greece. Over the past two years Greeks have been more interested in buying in the Balkans, Bulgaria in particular.

Greek construction companies, mainly from the northern part of the country, have been building large residential, office and retail developments in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and, recently, Macedonia.

At the same time, hundreds of individual investors have been buying homes, which they either rent or use for recreation. Despite the interest in Bulgaria, Greek buyers still believe local property prices to be affordable.