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Investors in Turkey welcome campaign to attract US visitors

In a move welcomed by property owners who rent out to holidaymakers during the summer months, the Unlimited Turkey promotion also pushes the country's historic landmarks and its locations which include mountains and beaches.

'It is good to see the authorities spending money to boost visitor numbers. There are a lot of property owners who rely on the income from holidaymakers in the summer who are worried that this year will be a disaster,' said Graham Holding who has properties in Bansko and Antalya.

'I know property investors in Bulgaria who are really scared right now as they have no bookings at all for the summer. Knowing that Turkey is part of a major advertising campaign in the US means that we can also target these markets,' he added.

The extensive campaign includes billboards in prominent outdoor locations, advertisements on television, in print in nationwide newspapers and magazines and on double-decker buses throughout key US markets.

It promotes Turkey as an eclectic destination with modern cities, beaches, historical landmarks and mountains that have the old world European charm as well as being affordable.

'This integrated campaign will position Turkey as the go-to destination for anyone wishing to experience the history and allure of European culture. Turkey's tourism product appeals to all types of travellers. Our destination offers some of the finest beaches, mountains and cities such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya and the Black Sea,' said Hasan Zongur, Attaché for Turkish Tourism and Culture in New York.

He also pointed out that while some countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece are expecting significant drops in visitors this year Turkey is anticipating a growth in tourists.

'We are actively working on promoting Turkey and making sure we don't see a drop in visitors,' he added. The Turkish government is expecting a 5% growth in visitor numbers for 2009.