Property prices in Turkey increased in March

National sales prices for existing residential property in Turkey increased by 0.95% in March, according to the latest data from the REIDIN GYODER home price index.

Regionally they increased 1.06% in Adana, 0.75% in Ankara, 0.49% in Antalya, 1.18% in Istanbul, 0.85% in Izmir and 0.33% in Kocaeli.

New home prices increased by 1.28% compared with the previous month and 11.62% higher than they were in March 2011.
Trademarked projects on the European side of Istanbul increased by 1.38% and on the Asian side of the city they were up 0.69%.

In terms of size of properties, those of between 51 and 75 square meters increased by 1.03%, those between 76 and 100 square meters increased by 1.32%, those between 101 and 125 square meters increased by 1%,  those between 126 and 150 square meters increased by 1.21% and those at 151 square meters and over increased 1.14%, all compared with the previous month.