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UK house prices down in August, actual sales figures show

The data from the Department for Communities and Local Government are regarded as being among the most reliable as the figures are based on actual sales.

The average mix-adjusted UK house price was £208,476, not seasonally adjusted, while average house prices remain unchanged over the quarter to August, compared to a quarterly decrease of 0.2% from the quarter to May (seasonally adjusted).

Average prices decreased during the year throughout the UK. In England they were down 1.2%, down 0.3% in Wales, down 1.5% in Scotland and down 4.3% in Northern Ireland.

Prices paid by first time buyers were 1.8% lower on average than a year earlier and prices paid by former owner occupiers also decreased by 1.1%.

Prices for new properties were 9.2% higher on average than a year earlier whilst prices for pre-owned dwellings decreased by 2%.

Average mix-adjusted house prices in August stood at £216,196 in England, £144,163 in Northern Ireland, £163,790 in Scotland and £149,807 in Wales.

The largest decrease was in the North East at 4.8% whilst the smallest was in the East at 1.5%. London registered an annual house price increase of 3.2%.

Over the month to August there were average price rises in eight regions, ranging from 0.1% in London and the South East to 3.2% in Yorkshire and the Humber. There was an average monthly price fall of 1.2% in the North West.

London remains the English region with the highest average house price at £347,505. The North East has the lowest average price at £133,460.

In England, southern regions including the East of England, London, the South East and South West all had average prices above the UK average in August.

Excluding London and the South East, the average UK price in August was £171,640, a decrease of 2.6% over the year.