UK buy to let investors left with falling prices

For many who invested in the buy to let market, the market's value may hurt short and evan long term.

For those who have invested in buy to let markets throughout the UK and elsewhere in Europe, the news is bleak.

It is likely that many will face costly drops in property values, which will hurt their short term and long term goals for the property.

Some investors were convinced to buy into the buy to let market in the hopes of using the funds for retirement costs. Yet for some, the decrease in property values and the increase in mortgage repayments has hurt them severely.

This may suggest that there will be a fast exodus out of the buy to let market. This is not likely to happen, as the changes to the capital gains tax here has made it highly unlikely for people to rush out and sell their properties.

Alistair Darling who is Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that the CGT would stay at the single rate of 18% and it likely though that fewer people will enter into the buy to let market as easily. In fact, several of the UK's largest investment clubs who marketed buy to let and taught investing strategies to would be investors have now closed their doors.

This includes the Inside Track agency's program called "Become A Property Millionaire."