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UK private property landlords report good tenant relations

It found 61% of landlords have ‘very good’ relations with their tenants, while a further 34% describe their dealings as ‘good’. Only 3% say their relationship is ‘adequate’ while less than 1% say it is ‘poor’.

The survey also found 36% of landlords communicate with their tenants at least every month, while about four in ten have contact when the need arises.
The survey comes off the back of a surge in demand for rental properties; it has been predicted that one in five households will rent privately before 2016.

‘The NLA believes that the private rented sector will play an important part in helping to meet the demand for quality housing in the coming years. So it is pleasing to see that almost all landlords have a good relationship with their tenants and that both parties are content,’ said David Salusbury, NLA chairman.

‘The best way to ensure good relations between the tenant and landlord is to ensure the right tenant is selected for the property. The NLA advises that all landlords should meet with the prospective tenant, view the property together, discuss the tenancy agreement in detail and explain how and when the rent should be paid,’ he explained.

‘Landlords can maintain this professional relationship by staying in touch with the tenant, and ensuring any repairs are carried out quickly. It's also important to do a background check on a prospective tenant to give landlords peace of mind. Tenant checks can help prevent fraud and any possible rent arrears,’ he added.