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UK’s most expensive streets are in London’s Kensington and Chelsea

Around the corner from Kensington Palace, soon to be the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Campden Hill Square in the heart of fashionable Holland Park is Britain's most expensive residential street ¬with an average price of £4,863,000, according to research from Lloyds TSB.

Such is the pull of living in Kensington and Chelsea that seven streets in the Royal Borough are in the list of the ten most expensive in the country. These include Drayton Gardens with an average price of £4,428,000, Dawson Place at £3,891,000, Duchess of Bedfords Walk at £3,862,000 and Cadogan Square at £3,678,000.

Parkside, the most expensive street in last year's survey, is the second most expensive this year with an average price of £4,826,000. Parkside is one of two streets in Merton in South West London amongst the ten priciest. The other is Cedar Park Gardens at £3,596,000.

Outside London the most expensive streets are mainly in the Home Counties. Properties on Leys Road in Leatherhead have an average price of £3,108,000, the highest outside the capital.

Other expensive streets outside Greater London include Moles Hill in Leatherhead at £2,608,000, Nuns Walk in Virginia Water at £2,574,000 and Phillippines Shaw at £2,352,000 and  Wildernesse Avenue at £2,293,000, both in Sevenoaks.

Brundenell Avenue in Sandbanks in Dorset has an average house price of £2,024,000 and is the most expensive street outside London and the South East. Sandbanks is well known for commanding premium property prices, with Chaddesley Glen at £1,443,000, Crichel Mount Road at £1,415,000, Elms Avenue at £1,366,000 and Bingham Avenue at £1,310,000.

Outside southern England the most expensive street is Withinlee Road in Prestbury near Macclesfield where the average house price stands at £1,649,000. Withinlee Road, favoured by rich footballers, is followed by Macclesfield Road in Alderley Edge at £1,320,000 and Torkington Road in Wilmslow at £1,285,000. Graham Park Road in Newcastle at £1,228,000 and Quarry Park Road in Stourbridge at £1,070,000, are also amongst the most expensive streets in northern England.

The most expensive streets in East Anglia are in Cambridge, all are close to the main University area particularly around the Botanic Gardens. The most expensive street is Sedley Taylor Road with an average house price of £1,111,000.

Valley Road in the Nottingham suburb of West Bridgford is the most expensive street in the East Midlands with an average price of £823,000. Unlike in other regions, the most expensive streets in the East Midlands are spread around the region in towns such as Northampton where the average price in Golf Lane is £795,000, Leicester where the average in Swithland Lane is £675,000 and Hazelwood Road in Belper at £790,000.

Four of the ten most expensive streets in the West Midlands are in Solihull. The most expensive streets are Quarry Park Road in Solihull at £1,070,000, Rosemary Hill Road in Sutton Coldfield at £990,000 and Alderbrook Road in Solihull at £939,000.

Scotland's most expensive residential street is Dick Street in Edinburgh with an average price of £1,506,000.
After Dick Place, the two most expensive streets in Scotland lie on the west side of Aberdeen city. Average prices in Rubislaw Den South are £1,430,000 and Rubislaw Den North some £1,190,000.

But Edinburgh has by far the most expensive property in the country with 13 of the 20 most expensive streets. The priciest addresses inclue Ann Street with an average property price of £1,188,000, Kinellan Road at £992,000 and Spylaw Bank Road at £984,000.

Glasgow's most expensive streets are Burnside Road at £974,000 and Bowmore Crescent at £908,000. Both are south of the city.

Outside of Scotland's three major cities the most expensive homes are on Queens Crescent in Auchterarder at £1,188,000. Set in Perthshire it is within striking distance of the West Coast as well as the world famous Gleneagles Golf Course.

The most expensive street in Wales is Druidstone Road in Cardiff with an average house price of £685,000. Eight of the ten most expensive streets in the Wales are in Cardiff and Swansea. The remaining two are Gannock Road in Conwy at £677,000 and Glasllwch Lane in Gwent at £485,000.

‘Kensington and Chelsea has always had a glamorous reputation, attracting buyers from the business and entertainment world, and more recently the super rich from across the world. The area clearly has its attractions with excellent schools, upmarket shops, close proximity to the capital's business district and impressive properties. Other areas in the capital have similar qualities but property prices in Kensington and Chelsea tend to outperform the rest of London,’ said Suren Thiru, economist at Lloyds TSB.

‘Outside London, the areas with the most expensive streets are generally located well away from central areas, where buyers are typically attracted by larger properties and more green space,’ added Thiru.