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Majority of private property landlords interested in UK Green Deal

The survey comes as Parliament prepares for the report stage of the Green Deal this week which takes place tomorrow (Wednesday14 September). It would likely be available to property owners from October 2012.
Under the deal, loans would be offered to landlords for making energy efficiency improvements to their let properties, such as loft and wall insulation. The loan would be repaid through a levy added to utility bills. Energy savings from improvements would result in lower energy bills overall.
The NLA survey found 24% of landlords would definitely take advantage of the Green Deal, while a further 38% would consider it. A further 21% of landlords are unsure about the deal and 17% say it has no appeal.
Landlords say the main reasons for considering the Green Deal would be to reduce energy consumption and bills for tenants, add value to the property and to become more eco friendly.
‘The Green Deal presents an excellent opportunity for landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, helping tenants save on their bills and do their bit for the environment,’ said David Salusbury, NLA chairman.
‘The scheme guarantees tenants lower utility bills while providing them with warmer homes and landlords will benefit from long term improvements to their properties,’ he explained.
‘It’s pleasing to see that two-thirds of landlords are considering using the Green Deal to improve their properties when grants become available next year, but the actual cost of these improvements will be a key factor,’ he added.