Would be renters make their mind up in just 60 seconds

People renting a home in the UK take an average of 60 seconds to decide whether a property is right for them whilst viewing, according to new research.

A nice kitchen is attractive to would be tenants with 30% saying it is the most important aspect and 63% decide to take a property on their first viewing, with just 2% needing more than five minutes to make their mind up.

The second biggest attraction for prospective tenants is a sizable main bedroom with 28% saying it was most likely to turn their heads followed by 20% putting a spacious living room at the top of their renting wish list.

Just 10% put that bathroom as the most important aspect of their rental property and just 2% are bothered about the garden, the research from Rentify also shows.

Some 7% of those surveyed said they can take as little as 10 seconds to know if a property is right for them, however 5% are not as quick to rush into a decision and not making a decision quicker than 10 minutes into a viewing.
Over half, 63%, said that they are happy to take a flat on their first viewing if it feels right with just 5% saying they will view a home at least three times before making a decision.
The research also found that 77% of those surveyed believe that they find suggestions by estate agents unhelpful when deciding if a property is right for them, with 10% admitting they would rent a property after viewing online pictures and not physically visiting the property.

‘For many, finding the right property is important but it is also important tenants don't rush into decisions. High street lettings agents can sometimes disguise flaws just to make a deal, so it's always worth taking extra time getting to know every inch of the property before getting hold of the keys,’ said Rentify chief executive officer George Spencer.