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UK property investors who have lost millions in Spanish scandals appeal direct to Gordon Brown

They are asking him to personally get in touch with the Spanish Prime Minister to express concern.

The petition is also being sent to the European Parliament pressing for European intervention and asking for sanctions to be imposed on Spain until the industry is cleaned up.

So far 75% of petitioners have paid deposits totalling €13.2 million for properties that are now classified as illegal, or not even completed many years later. Some 24% have discovered that they have completed on illegal properties. These properties cannot be re-sold and face possible demolition. They are worthless as it is illegal to live in a property in Spain without a Habitation Licence.

'This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of us feel like powerless hostages, while criminal actions are being legalized,' said Suzanne Wyatt, who has organised the petition.

Many of those who have signed the petition bought property in Spain without being protected by a Bank Guarantee as they were told by lawyers it was not necessary despite it being the law. Even those who do have a guarantee have found that Banks in Spain are not honouring these legally-binding documents.

They have found themselves spending tens of thousands of pounds on litigation over many years in an attempt to get their money back. Some who want to sue their original lawyers for collusion and negligence cannot find a lawyer in Spain who will represent them.

'Developers who have built illegally have repeatedly postponed court cases and been allowed to appeal when they have clearly broken their own Spanish Laws. They are being given far too much lenience by the Spanish Judicial system, deliberately causing as long a delay as possible within the courts, until they are eventually granted Habitation Licences,' explained Wyatt.

'EU Laws have undoubtedly been breached, and we believe that EU Sanctions are now the only way to force Spain to clear up this mess, deliver justice, and restore the well-known British love and respect for Spain and her people,' she added.